CIS in Action

From Within to Without

What outcomes do we want from this tunnel of learning "the educational process", so that when our children emerge from it, they are not just learned but also enlightened?

What processes, attitudes, assessments, materials, classroom structures and experiences do we put into this tunnel, so that we get the desired outcomes?

“At the beginning of every endeavour, one must look to the end of it.” - Baha'u'llah

An Outcomes Based Education

An Outcomes Based Model

Input The Four Building Blocks Of Education*
  • Universal Values (Spirit—To Be And To Exemplify)
  • Global Understanding (Heart—To Love And To Understand)
  • Excellence In All Things (Mind—To Know And To Excel)
  • Service To Humanity (Body—To Do And To Serve)
Output The Four Pillars Of Education
  • Knowledge - Beyond Gathering Of Information
  • Wisdom - Ability To Distinguish Right From Wrong
  • Spiritual Perception - Being Able To Make A Conscious / Moral Decision
  • Eloquent Speech - One Whose Words And Deeds Match Or Whose Deeds Speak Louder Than Words
*These Four Building Blocks of a New Education and the Tunnel of Learning=Tunnel of Enlightenment are Promoted by the Council for Global Education, USA, cofounded by Dr Sunita Gandhi, President and Robert J. Saunders, Co-Founder

A Scientific Approach

The best way to shape the future is to nurture it...

The GEMS approach to the teaching learning process, its focus on competition with oneself and its use of peer and self-corrections, when implemented in their true spirit, are consistent the preparation of a child for life beyond the classroom. GEMS promotes self study and the consolidation of topics before moving on, developing an inner desire to excel.

In addition, GEMS deliberately connects each concept to a value. For example, addition is connected to cooperation, subtraction to sharing, multiplication to caring, division to gratitude, geometry to beauty and decimals to search for truth and so forth. Children begin to recognise the interconnectedness of all things.

4 Building Blocks VUES

Universal Values

 V  Universal Values Spirit “To be” Spiritual education Values Wisdom to know right from wrong and spiritual perception and will power to do the right

Global Understanding

 U  Global Understanding Heart “To love” Human education Attitudes Recognising the fundamental oneness of the human family, working to promote unity and peace and world citizenship

Excellence in All Things

 E  Do we in fact bring out the best in every child, or could we do more to nurture excellence in all things? How can we reorganise learning so as to inspire in every child an intrinsic desire to do one’s best always, and to appreciate beauty and perfection in all one does? Can we nurture our children's potential to go beyond the narrow confines of exam success, to teach them the qualities of excellence in both human and material forms?

Service to Humanity

 S  Service to Humanity Body “To do and contribute” ?Social education Skills Redefining service as not simply charity but as a way of life and preparing students to lead, not just follow, to become agents of social transformation, proactive thinkers and leaders of thought and action