CIS in Action

Reinforcing habits of Life


Daily yoga and at least one of sports, games, gymnastics and aerobics are integrated in the daily schedule along with music as food for the soul. Parents and students are provided lessons on nutrition by Dr Amitabh Pandit and on a healthy way of living and being.

The teaching of etiquette, hygiene, proper toilet manners and behaviour are an integral part of every child's programme of development.

Mirrors in the corridors put emphasis on right deportment and a child's self-image and personality development.

Daily Exercises

Alternating yoga, games and aerobics are an important part of the daily schedule. CIS believes this is time well spent so that children are alert and able to concentrate better.

Focus on Beauty & Perfection

On Saturdays and sometimes after school, children may also sign up for professional training in one or more fields: mental maths (UCMAS), languages (Spoken English and French using a BBC London Programme), a range of activities such as sports, horse-riding, instrumental and vocal music, dancing, arts and crafts, swimming, martial arts, gymnastics, calligraphy, photography, etc., with talented staff and professional coaches, or with the help of technology. Other options will be added through time.