CIS in Action

Personalised Attention

Personalised Learning Materials

Accelerated teaching techniques are combined with excellent teaching materials such as the MAXIM Classbooks. Personalised learning materials are also automatically assigned to every child's diagnosis. No child waits for others to catch up, thus maximising learning. A class report with topic wise analysis ensures whole class instruction is performance informed. Traditional tests combined with those that require thinking improve academic outcome.

Personalised Homework

Homework is personalized to match every child's needs. Mondays and Wednesdays are for English, Tuesdays and Thursdays are for Mathematics, Fridays and Saturdays are for Hindi and besides compulsory work, students have optional work they can aim to do. Reading is done throughout the week and children maintain a reading log signed by the parents on a daily basis. Outside of Perbooks, which are self-explanatory, homework is given only after it has been orally discussed in full in the class, so that children are confident they can complete it at home without assistance from adults or a tutor. Time is rationalized so that children are not overburdened.

Every Child Is Special!

Look how they vary!

Same class, 4 students same teacher, same course work

Differentiation of Needs

Involving every child

CIS methods ensure that every child participates in all class activities. All children work out every question posed by the teacher and show their answers together on slates. To ensure every child participates, all materials, such as unifix cubes or geoboards are provided in sufficient quantity for every child to experience by his / her own hands. Every Child Participates In Answering All Questions. Teachers Can Diagnose Quickly If Learning Is Taking Place.

Individual Study Portfolio

CIS school bags are also much lighter. Instead of notebooks, children use lined or plain sheets of paper with punch holes. Two files are carried home each day, one with daily work for the parents to sign and one in which children complete their homework. The school provides shelf space to store MAXIM Classbooks and only those are carried back home as are needed for homework or optional work.