CIS in Action

Values Integration

To Become Qualified World Citizens

At CIS, human values and life skills are interwoven into all aspects of a child’s planning and development from the earliest childhood. It is far more important that a child be good, endowed with all the human virtues, than a child be smart. Of course, if a child is both “good” and “smart”, the result is light upon light.

Topics virtues Topics virtues
Number System Joyfulness Nouns Leadership
Roman Numerals Diligence Singular and Plural Unity
Addition Cooperation Gender Caring
Multiplication Caring Verbs Service
Subtraction Sharing Pronouns Generosity
Division Gratitude Tenses Honesty
Average Equality Adjectives Global Understanding
Volume Integrity Sentences Beauty
Geometry Beauty Similes Perseverance
Set Language Global Understanding Articles Determination
Factors and Multiples Search for Truth Punctuation Harmony
Area and Perimeter Fairness Conjunctions Patience
Time Punctuality Prepositions Relationships
Fractions Patience Adverbs Helpfulness
Decimals Perfection Homophones Humour
Percentage Helpfulness Composition Cooperation
Profit and Loss Perseverance Picture Composition Cooperation
Speed Determination Comprehension Joyfulness
Simplification Cleanliness Letter Writing Friendship
Patterns and Graphs Orderliness Conversation Sharing
Handwriting Obedience Vocabulary and Spelling Punctuality