CIS in Action

Broader Goals

Motto: Inspiration for Life!

Mission and Vision Statement:

Inspire every child to become both 'good and smart', a good member of a family, community, country and the world, a gift of God to mankind and a pride of the human race, a leader of thought and action, whose deeds speak louder than words, a person of integrity who strives for excellence in all things, a seeker of truth, fair in judgment and guarded in speech, an exemplary person whom others look up to as a role model, who strives to make world a better place though service and dedication.

Goals of Education

Nurturing Self-Confidence

Research shows that students with high self confidence do much better in school and in life than those with low self-esteem. By focussing on progress, the CIS Programme endorses a child positively every step of the way.

Inspiring Every Child to Become Both “Good” and “Smart”

The goal of the GEMS programme is to inspire every student to become both “good” and “smart.” Universal values such as cooperation, helpfulness and thankfulness are incorporated into TopicBOOKS in creative ways. The development of self-confidence and lifeskills are important objectives.

Comprehensive Development

Several activities like Games, field trips, gymnastics, swimming, music, movement, dramatics, imagination plays and the arts are integrated with the academic programme.

Indeed, a child's intellect grows through movement and their spirit through music!