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Director's Message

Director’s Message


City international school is a happy school committed to the cause of 21st-century education ensuring that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies crucial for success and leadership in the emerging era. Our world is facing a rapid expansion of new ideas, technologies and economic models that are creating profound change in our lives and our future. Each of us is poised to help build the future. A future where change must broaden opportunity.

My 15 years of research work in education in the UK, Iceland and India shows the principle of Ipsative: Compared with Self, improves learning outcome. At CIS we believe in Competing with the self, not others.

I see experimentation as a simple yet extremely powerful tool particularly in education, where it has great potential to inform policy and silhouette education reform. Innovative intervention is considered the ‘gold standard’ for program evaluation and is increasingly demanded by education policy-makers as an essential tool for decision-making.

Wide range of programs and plans including instructional models, curriculum, and coursework; added resources such as classroom aides, extended instructional time, physical materials, or digital tools; and, providing supplementary instruction through individualized interventions, mentoring, career guidance and counselling, or extracurricular activities such as after school or summer programs at CIS are all informed steps towards holistic education.

CIS children are incredibly special individuals. They work, have fun and play together in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment. We make them feel successful at what they do overcoming obstacles, holding each other to high principles, appreciating and respecting one another. They grow challenging themselves to take the next step.

In this happy school, children learn to meet high standards of performance. Seeing their leaders model commitment, CIS children rise to challenges and learn to build relationships.

CIS takes pride in research-oriented teachers, a specialized curriculum, engaged parents, and motivated students. Be assured that the management, teaching and non-teaching faculty of the school is working towards making CIS a safe and happy place for your child.

NEP2020 signals India’s agenda for universal, quality, accessible and inclusive school education and impactful research.

Children are a force to reckon with. They carry the hopes for our brighter tomorrow and the dreams of our happy future. Giving them lessons in altruism generates a helper's high. Teaching and learning whether premeditated or otherwise imparts knowledge at various levels: information, wisdom and experience. Moving forward we understand that we will be learning the meaning of flexibility and patience!

At CIS it’s always time to learn, reflect, create, practice, appreciate those around us and be grateful for all of the blessings we share.

Dr Sunita Gandhi, PhD Cambridge University

Founder, Council for Global Education, USA,
Global Education & Training Institute
DEVI Sansthan: Dignity, Education, Vision International
Education Society of Iceland

India Literacy Board