CIS in Action

Leadership Team

Dr Bharti Gandhi's life has been one of dedication to the service of children and to women's welfare. By virtue of sheer devotion, she continues her commitment unabated. She has a tremendous zeal for life. All through her arduous journey she’s kept women empowerment on high pedestal. Even after 62 years of service to City Montessori School (CMS) as its Founder-Director, she spares no effort to strive perpetually towards excellence in education and providing wholesome education and strength to all the students of CMS and CIS.

Dr Bharti Gandhi
Founder Director
CMS (City Montessori School)
(World's Largest School Recognition by Guinness World Records)

Modern education doesn't just focus on prominent academic disciplines but it also has brought us from chalkboards to whiteboards and now to smart boards. With technology has brought about nothing short of an overhaul of our world, and more importantly of our educational system, CIS seamlessly integrates it in learning as well as assessments. It has become an integral source of research, knowledge, and teaching. A teacher-centric classroom has paved way for learner-centric learning spaces.
At CIS from the very early joyful years, we endeavour towards fostering essential life skills, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and analytical competencies in learners.
We consciously keep a positive approach in the middle years towards diversity, inclusion, compassion and creating a sense of responsibility in students.
Subject specific & skill-based knowledge acquisition through a multiway transfer of knowledge in interactive & engaging classes carves out the victorious senior years of CIS students.
From Buckminster Fuller's idea of 'Our Spaceship Earth' to 'Thinking Green', children work on themes, integrate social studies with science, mathematics, environment and language, with the new emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Project-Based Learning Flipped Teaching, Paired and Group Work, Use of Innovative Apps help create a modern classroom.
With STEAM support in learning, the learning environment becomes more experiential with a key focus on real-world applications of concepts. Happy CIS classes witness curious learners in a fun and engaging learning process.
Each one of our teachers is engaged in research work and strives to be on their creative best. Like scientists, they measure the impact of their interventions. We provide after school support to the kids for the enrichment and other academic help.
CIS is committed to creating confident, articulate and happy kids with high self-esteem. We see our students as leaders of change. Those studying abroad at some of the best universities are keeping our banner high. We wish to keep empowering students and teachers for the world of tomorrow. We believe, we can!

Roli Tripathi

Head, Innovation & Quality Management Department

Carmel Yaganagi

Welcome to City International School!

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to CIS. To be leading an organization as prestigious as CIS, is a privilege. The school works on the ideologies of ipsative learning i.e. to compete with self. We aim to provide every child with intrinsic motivation the child himself wants to study more. The school believes where that the child himself is his biggest competition and has given birth to four acts- Assessments for Learning, Child-centric books, Training that sticks and Service, which leads to measurable improvement in the child. As the leader of the institution I ensure best standard of education and personal development of students and the institutions grows up to be the best school in Lucknow.

At CIS, each student is believed to be a unique individual and together we aim to maximize every child’s potential, inspire human greatness, nurture leadership of thought and action and create consciousness of the needs of others

Bitto Agarwal

Welcome to City International School!

It is a privilege to be a part of City International School. The atmosphere here is warm, friendly and peaceful. CIS is a happy school. Happiness quotient is high here, be it for students, teachers and the non-teaching staff.

At CIS, there is no competition with others but rather competition with self. Everyone is focused on improving their set of skills, to be better than what they were yesterday. This makes all children strive harder. Happiness ensures teaching and learning flows easily and smoothly. The goal of education is to ensure that an individual has knowledge, wisdom, spiritual perception and exemplary living. CIS strongly believes in the four Building Blocks of Education, to prepare the children to grow up as world citizens. The four Building Blocks of Education are:

UNIVERSAL VALUES: Emphasis on values such as honesty, integrity, empathy, hard work and true merit

GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING: Respect for cultural diversity, all forms of life and the environment

EXCELLENCE IN ALL THINGS: Embrace excellence as a life guiding principle

SERVICE TO HUMANITY: Contribute to the betterment of the world With a team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, CIS focuses on the holistic development of every child, to help them achieve their best potential.

Manoj Verma

“Education is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

A literate citizen is the strongest pillar of a developed nation. It feels proud to be a part of the CIS family and contribute to education where the vision of hundred percent literacy is on supreme priority. Here students are not only taught they are educated. Books and teaching material is specially designed to make the learning “Concept-Based” and easily adaptable. The Ipsative allows children to compete with themselves and guarantees the progress of every child.

In addition to imparting education, we focus on the emotional and mental development of each child. The focus is on the overall development of a child where a child becomes awakened towards his surroundings and is raised a humble being. Healthy participation is encouraged in the extensive range of co-curricular activities and care is also taken to ensure the well-being and happiness of each and every student in the school.

Every child is a bundle of opportunities, we never know where they will excel and become experts. CIS develops global citizens giving them enormous opportunities to sharpen their soft skills and to develop a positive attitude towards making the planet the most wonderful place to live.

The legacy of the family running the largest school in the world with a rewarding history of achievement in education stays the same for CIS, we will continue to nurture the confidence and enthusiasm in all graduating students. We look forward to our students who value cooperation and strive for excellence in all things.

Mohsina Mirza

Creative Head